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Introducing The UK’s First Digital Number Plate

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What is iPlate?

iPlate is the revolutionary, first ever smart number plate being developed in the UK that will set a new standard of security with an aim to lowering car related crime and keeping road users safe.

The iPlate works seamlessly with your smart devices and the iPlate app will be readily available for download from the AppStore and Google Play.

The Classic Number Plate - Only Smarter

iPlate Features

  • PlateTrack - Live GPS Tracking of Your Vehicle
  • SmartConnect – iPlate will seamlessly connect you to the police or other authorities via the iPlate app if you suspect your car has been stolen or your plate is being tampered with
  • iPlate Red Alert – If your vehicle is stolen, iPlate will glow red to advise other road users and authorities
  • iPlate XCHANGE – in the event of an accident with another iPlate user, details can be swapped via the iPlate XCHANGE option on the app
  • Anti Jitter Technology - Helping to Reduce Theft
  • Strong Military Grade Polydicyclopentadiene Plastic
  • iPlate will notify you if your car is uninsured via the app and will display a plate notification that can be clearly seen by other drivers

Clever Tech Developed in The UK

In a world where technology is continually evolving, we always questioned why the number plate was the only thing left that’s fundamentally ‘dated’ on our vehicles.
What could we do to change that? How could we update number plates to make things more convenient for drivers and more importantly, safer.

5 Years In The Making

For the last 5 years we have been working on developing the iPlate with the help of experts, technicians and customer feedback from across the UK to deliver the very best experience to all who use the system with incredible feedback from authorities that have learnt about iPlates capabilities.

The iPlate allows for peace of mind when leaving your vehicle unoccupied and will keep in constant communication with you if anything was to occur such as the theft of your vehicle with live GPRS tracking with an automatic notification that can be sent directly to the police.

How Do I Get iPlate?

We’re nearing the end of getting the iPlate approved and want to keep you, the customer, updated on release dates and future developments. If you’d like to be one of the first to be notified upon iPlates release, please register here:

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